rule of thirds photography of pink and white lotus flower floating on body of water
Photo by Jay Castor / Unsplash

My name is Agnes. I’m coming from a family of modern medicine. I myself worked for pharmaceutical companies for 9 years as well. What I had seen made me wonder if there are alternative ways to health. I am not against rationality but I’m keen on real solutions, and I know there are more than one. Although my first diploma I had in business studies I further graduated from a college of natural remedies, where I received proper knowledge of medical bases, anatomy and physiology and a wide range of complementer medicines. In those times I was running a shop where I made dietary consultation and sold natural and edible “medicines”. Later I specialised in Ayurvedic treatments and I visited and studied in more parts of India to be an Ayurvedic therapist and panchakarma technician. I use the power of nature, science and yoga in my treatments and I do take things seriously to help those who come to me.